Who we are

Secrets from the C-Suite (SFCS) is a career development program aimed at helping people from all walks of life, and from early to late-career, identify, achieve, and thrive in their dream careers - and that means you, too!

After over a decade of formal and informal career coaching in the corporate world, Kirk Anderson, founder of ActionPointe, LLC, began developing the SFCS Career Development program in 2016. After successfully testing out the foundations of the program through individual coaching, workshops, and seminars, the decision to develop the entire program into a series of books, supplemented with audio and video programs, was an easy one. The vision was to deliver this life changing material to anyone who may need it, at an affordable price.

Why we are

Why Did Kirk Create Secrets from the C-Suite?  Employee disengagement is a huge problem for the American economy, leading to suffering and loss by employees, companies, and our economy and communities at large. According to the Gallup organization, disengagement has hovered around 70% for years. This means that 70% of employees in the American workforce don't like their jobs. This is costly, not only for the economy (Gallup estimates up to $550 billion annually), but for the individual. The fallout from people being deeply dissatisfied with their work ripples through the lives of employees, families, and communities. It impacts compensation, well-being, and health on every level. Kirk saw all of this, both in his time as an organizational leader and as a career coach, and decided to create SFCS as a response to the tragedy of work disengagement. It is an antidote to so many people simply surrendering themselves to their unhappiness, believing that disengagement from their work is just the way it is. 

The SFCS two-step program

STEP ONE: Career Discovery

The Career Discovery Series is designed to help people understand who they are vocationally and where they fit best in the world of work. As the first of two series in the SFCS Career Development Program, Career Discovery also provides executive level advice from Kirk and other senior leaders on how to take yourself to market, once you have defined your best-fit. This advice, straight from the C-Suites of various high-profile organizations, is selected by Kirk himself and available exclusively through the Career Discovery program. 

STEP TWO: Career Advancement

The Career Advancement Series focuses on how to advance your career once you have identified your best fit. This comprehensive series utilizes material from Kirk's popular leadership development work, as well as advice from other senior leaders, made available through video and audio resources embedded within the books.


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